Society :
1. Mr. S.V. Gandhi - President
2. Mr. P, Jaipushpa Raj - Secretary
3. Mr. P. Jeyaseelan - Trustee
4. Mrs. R. Akila - Member
5. Mrs. R. Priya - Member
6. Mrs.G. Balanagammal - Member
7. Mr. G. Gopikrishna - Member

Reputed Faculty :
Faculty and staff are dedicated to understanding and improving learnig environments. Many faculty and staff bring years of experience to the faculty of education. Their experiences include classroom teaching, developmental projects, analyzing the professional development of teachers, working with adolescents at risk, developing early childhood education programs, researching reading processes, teaching in music and the fine arts. Faculty and staff consider themselves to be both teachers and learners, and broad and rich experiences to our community.

Our commitment to fostering rich learning environments is reflected in the approaches to teaching exemplified in faculty. A variety of instructionsl strategies are used, including cooperative projects, action research, small discussion groups, individual projects, seminars, lectures, and hands on workshops. Critical issues, such as intensive teaching practices, the use of technology, and the ways that class, race, and gender affect teaching and learning environments, are common threads that run throughtout course offerings.

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